Study Skills and Strategies


Below are a range of resources to support good study skills.

Academic Success
Site offered by George Washington University offers lessons to improve study habits and techniques.

Center for the Advancement of Learning
Mega site from Musingum College has links to many other sites that offer learning assistance.

Education Corner
Study skills guides for students will provide advice for how to learn more effectively. Active listening, reading comprehension, notetaking, stress management, time management, testing taking, and memorization are only a few of the topics addressed.

Get Smarter
Test your math and science skills compared to students around the world.

Homework Center
Information about taking good notes, reading textbooks, studying for tests, and writing essay tests.

How To Study
Another large site with many links to different universities links that take you through all the process involved in studying effectively such as: Getting Ready - How to prepare and set goals, Taking In - How to get information, Processing - How to work with information, Output - How to take tests, write papers, and work on projects, How to Study... and How to Write - for specific subjects.

Making It Count
We have had presentations from these folks. It is a site that covers many of the same presentation topics with articles written for students, by students as well as articles written by career professionals, the website is a tool for students transitioning into high school, into college and into their career. The site also includes interactive games, tools, and e-newsletters.

Study guides for many of the books and academic stubects typically studied in high school.  "…we speak student".

Sites to Improve Your Academic Success
This site comes from the University of Northern Iowa. It is designed for the college student, but helpful to the high school student as well. It is a collection of web sites that provide tips to help you study more effectively, manage your time, take better notes, and handle the stresses of school life.

Study Guides and Strategies in Many Languages
This very complete site has topics including study preparation, taking notes in lectures, effective study habits, testing techniques, writing and reading skills. It may be especially helpful to bilingual/ESL students. Many of the study guides and strategies are in other languages as well as in English.

Study Guide Zone
Another site designed for the college student with benefits for the high school student. It has tips on listening in class, college prep schedules, how to be a good student, learning styles, note taking, systematic reading, forming a study group, motivation for college, time management, effective studying, math fear, beating the stress, test anxiety, nervousness, and test taking techniques.

Study Skills
Another site designed by and for the college student. It has has links to other study skills pages, twenty time savers, how to make a schedule, studying foreign languages, and studying with intensity.

Study Skills Self-Help Information
This site is from Virginia Tech but again beneficial for the high school student. It has time scheduling suggestions, how to concentrate, how to take notes, how to read a difficult book, tips on improving reading speed, setting priorities, and strategies to use with difficult test questions.

Study Stack
This site features a flash cards approach for many different academic areas and AP and standardized tests.

Study Strategies
Similar to other university study strategy sites, this one is from the University of Minnesota. It contains a study skills survey, information about time management, memorization, learning styles, and study techniques.

Test Phobia
Twenty sure-fire ways to help you cope with test phobia. It also includes guides to study effectively and how to succeed in Chemistry.